As our team build and train our traders continuously, key features of successful traders are high tolerance, positive thinking with an open minded, even in uncomfortable mental condition, and to focus on the process more than just results.

If you think you have all features as mentioned, we intend to provide an opportunity for those who have intense intention to become professional trader, by apply for trying in our trading system and risk management. Only by passing our evaluation and examination, and understanding our risk management system strictly.

We also provide vocational training fund for disadvantaged For disadvantaged people such as the disabled, the poor, the needy, or related agencies such as orphanages.

Those who are interested in applying for the training program please keep update on this website or via facebook MudleyGroup and on YouTube Mudley Channel

There is no application’s fee or any learning cost to be charged. The result of internship application, by Mudley committee, shall be considered as final.


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