Professional Trader at Mudley

To become a professional trader at Mudley, one needs to undergo training at Mudley's training camp. (currently only available at Chiang Mai.) The participant will go through excessive amount of training involving with mental and physical aspects for a long period of time. Only those who pass the training with Mudley's committee consent can have the opportunity to manage the provided fund and our financial industry network.

Blue Point Worldwide Trading Exam

For highly experienced traders who interested in working with international trading firm. We can send traders in Thailand to try the examination system of the Blue point trading via our cooperative project. The opportunity to work with the company will depend on the result of the exam.

Traders who are interested in applying for the examination will have to follow the following rules strictly:
- Open a demo account with any broker that have MT4 platform and trade for 3 months.
- Comply with Blue Point Trader Programme rules strictly.
- Only trade products within the Broker's Instrument List.
- Applicants must keep update with the change in the rules and the products that are allowed for trading, more information can be found on Blue Point Trading website.
- Send in the 3 months transaction record to and set Blue Point Trading as email's subject.
- Decision made by Mudley committee shall be considered as final.


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